Britzobeauty British Shorthairs

Breeding gorgeous award winning British Shorthairs in a rainbow of colours!

About Us

Greetings and Salutations!

My name is Julie Pickens and together with my daughter, Emily we are breeding British Shorthairs. We are located in Perth Western Australia. I am not new to the Cat Fancy. Many moons ago I used to breed Persians, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Our fascination with the British began with my daughter. After I had lost my persian of 25 years I was a little hesitant to get another cat, but my daughter was persistent and she came across the "Zwei-Farbe" cats and I guess the rest is history.

 All of our cats come from champion lines. We strive to breed British Shorthairs that not only conform to the breed standard but have excellent temprements. We decided to venture into the coloured British so instead of just breeding Solid Blues we breed a variety of colours in solids, torties and Bi-Colours.

We are fortunate enought to be able to show at both FCCWA shows aswell as COAWA shows. Myslef and my daughter are active members in our association and at shows.

If you would like any other info on any of our cats or kittens please don't hesitate to give us a call, or drop us an email.

We are registered with the Feline Control Council of Western Australia (F.C.C.W.A)